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:bulletred: Featuring those who submitted to the previous writing prompt from Live-Love-Write, here are the participants for this week, listed in reverse order of submission, along with information on the newest prompt. Please remember to fave this journal to help support your work and the prompt!

:bulletblack: To submit to the writing prompt, please remember to put "for the Live-Love-Write writing prompt" in your artist's comments and submit to the Writing Prompt gallery for your feature every week. Entries without this info will be denied. To submit to a past prompt, send us a note with a link to the entry and the prompt information.

:bulletblue: All literature and comics in response to the prompt are welcome and encouraged.

Last Week's Writing Prompt

Respond to the following theme:


Admin's Choice:

The Dragon's Story
"Can I help you child?," came the rumbling voice of the old dragon who was awoken from his nap, as one orange vermilion slit eye opened lazily, as the dragon huffed through it's nostrils creating warm gusts of wind that shook the various shrubs and young trees. Yet, the dragon's new companion, a human child- a little girl- only giggled as she nodded and climbed onto a tree stump that was wider than she, seemingly unafraid of the great beast.
The child began to stare at the old battle scarred dragon, who seemed to wait for her rather impatiently, it's nose wrinkling in aggravation.
The child blinked, her eyes wide, before she sat down on her rump, and asked, surprising the old dragon, his draconian eyes wide.
"Will you tell me a story?...Nobody else has time for me.."
"..Excuse me?"
Clearly whatever the dragon was expecting, he wasn't expecting THAT!
"Will you mind telling me a story?"
"And why would I do that?"
The child seemed to ponder this as she
Smaug the StupendousI'm a dragon! Raah, boom!
Riddle me this, or face your doom!
What has spears for claws and claws for teeth?
Steal from me, will you? Your life, bequeath!
I am fire, I am deadly!
Spare me your colourful nickname-medley,
thief in the dark, your end you have spelled
Now watch as I drink in, this moment, to your health!
I'm off to the lake, people-eating
I'll have you as dessert on our next chanceful meeting
Oh - the weak spot on my breast you can scant make out?
That's 'cause I never do anything not worth being sporty about.
Raah, boom, dee-de-dum dolly
Wholesale arson sure makes a drake jolly
Ah, that cute little bowman wants to have a go
Pah - couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with that tiny -


Wake up againDragon's fire
Heaven's wings
We never know what morrow brings
Sleep lures you deep into its arm
Will hold you dear
Will keep you warm
Mother's hand
And father's voice
Morning has come so we rejoice
Go now and live another day
Enjoy the sun
The smell of hay
Funny games
Grandfather's toy
This day is great and full of joy
But as sun goes down and stars arise
Night turns red
It comes demise
Singing wings
And shining claws
Will be all there is and ever was
i wanted to be a dragonwhen i was five,
i wanted to be a dragon
because they could fly.
i thought
it would be fun.
when i was ten,
i wanted to be a dragon
because they could breathe fire.
i thought
it was cool.
when i was twelve,
i wanted to be a dragon
because they had scales.
i thought
that not even words
could hurt them.
when i was thirteen,
i wanted to be a dragon
because they couldn't cry.
i thought
that i would be stronger
that way.
and now
i want to be a dragon
because they can fly.
i think
that they can go anywhere
and higher and farther
and up
and up
and up
where nothing
can reach them
at all.
Feathered Dragon (OP poem, Dressrosa spoilers)Born among dragons
to suffer amid men
which were the odds
of surviving back then?
You never showed tears
concealed behind shades
yet you wept on that day
under their vengeful stares.
A helpless, frail body
you were but a child—
maybe nasty, misguided
but still an innocent life.
Yet they harmed and mocked—
their frustration and sadness
and pent-up hate for your kind
all misdirected at you—Why?
Why living like them, if people
are all the same? Why giving up
on power, if they harm and slay
and abuse as well? Why, Father?
Your Brother was weak—or so
you believed—he didn't protest
but accepted everything, while
a voice in you cried, "FIGHT BACK!"
A proud, strong will to always abide
a force within you to rise 'n shine
above all those fools who did dare
to make YOU shake and cry in pain.
"I won't die," you screamed, "whatever you do,
"I will survive and find the very last one of you!"

And then you would kill them, they d


Dragons: A Fantasy Made False“They’re real,” I stated cheerfully, glancing down at my book.
     It was my turn to visit the 1st grade, having advanced a momentous grade further to the 2nd. The book was in my hand, a magazine, but I carried it like its pages were as meaningful as the thick textbooks I saw on unreachable, sky-bound class shelves. I never knew why, but the 2nd grade classroom had textbooks meant for older children, of at least 4th grade. I hadn’t ever paged through a textbook in my life: being a late reader, the avenue of literacy had only brightened my way a year before. I always wondered what secrets the texts on the high shelf carried. In particular, my gaze always stopped on one book, one with X’s and Y’s on the cover next to A-L-G-E-B-G-R-A. The entirety of the cover seemed utterly foreign to one just learning multiplication. Being young is sacred because of the mystery of everything: infinite unknowns; distilled naivete.

This week's writing prompt, from June 25th to July 4th, is:

Write anything that features one or more of the following:
- the anniversary of something unusual but important
- flower language
- Medieval times
- the ability to see the future
Dear Live-Love-Writers,

A round of applause for this month's Dodecathlon winners!

Silver Medal Emote by Mirz123 ------ Second Place ------ Silver Medal Emote by Mirz123
Human DustPassing through the potentially lovely days
Could have been used and abused in so many ways
But do not grow happiness that is upside down
When you see time leaving as the sun goes down
Look at growth degrading you to grounds
Blowing sand in the climax of your life
Infectious sand turning you into dust
The past is now stabbing you in the back with a knife
And then you look behind you
Your youth is there, but he is history 
He is whispering to you, he is still unclear
I guess the past is now a mystery

By Drunk-Web

:winner: remake by arrioch ------ First Place ------ :winner: remake by arrioch
WisdomOnce, long ago, I went to
A place where none could follow.
It was a place between
Life and death,
Where all possibilities existed
Though nothing else did.
I wanted to go forward,
Beyond that full emptiness,
Into the world of death that followed.
But it was not my time.
I was so young when it happened,
And I didn’t understand
How much more to life there was.
I could not understand it
Until I lived it.
Now, many years later,
It seems that I can feel that place
As it comes to greet me again.
Old age is an interesting thing,
More interesting because
I did not quite reach it.
No, middle aged is what I am,
And it seems I will go no further.
This is no one’s fault,
It is just Nature’s will.
I cannot say that
I regret my life.
It was good, it was full,
I did everything I could to be happy.
I only achieved that occasionally,
But that was to be expected.
There are things that I still wish I could do
That will be forever denied to me.
Growing old with the one I love,
Meeting my

By cechapman95

Congratulations, winners! You will receive your prizes shortly, and you are invited to participate in our contest finale at the end of the program. We hope to see you again next month for another chance to win Dodecathlon!

Dodecathlon February contest!

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Theme :bulletgreen::bulletred:


:bulletgreen::bulletred: Deadline :bulletred::bulletgreen:

February 28th

:bulletorange::bulletblack: Rules & Regulations:bulletblack::bulletorange:

*Entries must be submitted only to the Dodecathlon contest folder. If you submit your entry to another folder, we will not be able to accept your entry twice. A submission to the contest folder will not count towards your weekly limit.

*Both poetry and prose are accepted.

*There is no word limit, maximum or minimum.

*You must be a member of Live-Love-Write to participate.

*We prefer your entries be newly written for this contest. Entries written up to one month ago will be accepted.

*Please include "for the Live-Love-Write contest" in some form in your Artist's Comments. Entries without this info may be denied.

*Mature content is allowed, but must have the appropriate filter and be tasteful.

*All submissions must comply with deviantART rules.

*We encourage, nay, implore you to interpret the theme as creatively and wildly as you can.


First Place
1 month dA subscription
150 dA points
Feature in the Quotebook
Feature in Live-Love-Write main page
Feature at Writers--club
Feature at xWritersUtopiax

Second Place
100 dA points
Feature in the Quotebook
Feature in Live-Love-Write main page
Feature at Writers--club
Feature at xWritersUtopiax

Third Place
50 dA points
Feature in the Quotebook
Feature in Live-Love-Write main page
Feature at Writers--club
Feature at xWritersUtopiax

Honorable Mention
Feature in the Quotebook
Feature in Live-Love-Write main page
Feature at Writers--club
Feature at xWritersUtopiax

More prizes will be added as we petition for the support of our members and affiliations. As these contests will run year round in conjunction with our other programs, we'll need all the funding and gifts we can get, so please chip in! Even only a feature helps enormously. :D Thank you all for your support, and let Dodecathlon begin!
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It's going to be a series where humans & dinosaurs coexist, but the themes will be more societal / satirical (racism, police brutality, animal rights, drone usage, etc.), the dinosaurs being there to put in perspective how much we are capable of (both negative & positive). I know, sounds ridiculous, but give it a shot!
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