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:bulletred: Featuring those who submitted to the previous writing prompt from Live-Love-Write, here are the participants for this week, featured in style, along with information on the newest prompt. Please remember to fave this journal to help support your work and the prompt!

:bulletblack: To submit to the writing prompt, please remember to put "for the Live-Love-Write writing prompt" in your artist's comments and submit to the Writing Prompt gallery for your feature every week. Entries without this info will be denied.

Please keep in mind that if you do not see your submission here, you have not read the submission rules and/or you have not included some variation of the aforementioned note in your artist's comments.

Last Week's Writing Prompt


Admin's Choice:

The Stars Don't know much about peopleThe Stars don't know much about people
Seeking eyes, seeking pools to bath in.
I can only feel safe in captivity.
Running still, Running out of any words
I can only produce insensitivity.
Stealing hope, Stealing all of your praises
I can only be as good as you want
I pray to grow older, steady with one direction, never to let go of the sun
I pray to grow wiser, steady with one direction, never to forget the sun
I pray to grow higher, steady with one direction, never to become the sun
Praying aloud, Praying to change this fate
I can only be what I wish to be.
Across The MountainWith weary feet they crossed the plains
To stand in the shadow of the mountain
Their pilgrimage is almost complete, yet
Ahead they face their hardest challenge
No time to rest, they begin their climb
Through bitter winds and blizzards
Past markers for many who have fallen
Souls who lacked the strength to go on
While their determination is tested
The party continue their journey
Their unity strengthens their resolve
To reach their final destination
For they are charged with a duty
To release their world from the grip
Of an entity that will kill and destroy
One who few have the power to defeat
As they descend the mountain
They see the ruins spread before them
Once a proud city, devastated by Sin
Now nothing but rubble and memories
And so they face their final task
Knowing that the one they have protected
Will soon make the ultimate sacrifice
So that the world will have salvation
Elegy for a DreamHow do dreams die?
Do they simply fade away,
Like fog after a rainy day?
Do they go out with a bang,
Like a shot heard around the world?
Do they go out with a whimper,
Like a wounded animal dying in a  hidden hole?
How do dreams die?
Do they change until they are unrecognizable,
Like the evolution of life?
Do they corrupt and corrode,
Like death and decay?
Do dreams kill other dreams,
Like people kill other people?
How do dreams die?
Can they die with a person,
Never shared or known?
Can a dream become reality,
Before it dies?
Can reality be a dream,
Before it dies?


This week's writing prompt, from December 3 to December 9, is:

Art Prompt TOWARD LOVE by Leonidafremov insomnia by agnes-cecile

Back to regular length of time. I hope these two paintings inspire everybody- respond to the selected piece(s) of art, and remember, be as creative as you can be. See you next time, folks.
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kallia-goldenwings Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
hmmm sounds like fun I think I might just bo tho and make a story out of it in the form of a poem
ContaminatedLove Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student Writer
I'd like to submit mine for insomnia. c:

Adonael Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for featuring my poem -bows- :meow:
Hikagi Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
I feel slightly dumb for asking this, but... Are we supposed to respond to both paintings in one submission, or pick either one? (Or do we decide?)
DrMeh Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Multiple submissions are allowed. You can submit as many responses as you like to either painting, or both. :nod: There's really no restriction; it's all up to you.
CassandraMoon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Professional Writer
This is gonna be a fun one!
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