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Last Week's Writing Prompt

Write anything that features one or more of the following:
- victory
- final chances
- strategy
- trickery

Admin's Choice:

Winner's GlowSavoring the light within a
victory -
Might've needed less thought on
final choices. 
But is more about the stepping stones
of strategy
and less of the slick quagmires of 
I Dare You    “Ok, ok,” she laughed. “Your turn Trace, truth or dare?”
    Tracie rolled her eyes. They had been playing for over an hour, with every truth slurred covered by lies and each dare carried out in drunken stupidity. The game was old and tedious, and she was sure she was the only one who thought so. Harry rested his head back snuggling, too, comfortably in her lap. “Go on Trace, go for another dare, you know you want to” he egged her on.
    Dahlia was having none of his cunning influence, “Hush it you, leave Tracie to decide herself.”
    Ignoring the girl he quickly sent a wink and a smooch upwards, “Love yah, Trace.” She gazed down at him, his usual brown bear eyes casting a different kind of light. 
    For the third time this evening Tracie answered with the four letter word. “Dare.”

It was exceptionally interesting to see how the prompt words could be taken in so many different directions. Excellent job!


StrategyLong splitting lines of possible outcomes
Spread out around you like breaking glass
Like the limbs of a tree
Until your time runs out
Until you have no choice
Step out onto a single branch
And see if it will hold you
The burglar was tired of going to jail.
Every time he stole a purse,
every time he robbed a bank,
a superhero was waiting around the corner,
bizarre weapon in one hand,
handcuffs in the other.
The city had become saturated
with vigilante justice.
There was now a section in the newspaper
for “protectors of justice.”
The burglar took an ad out in the paper.
The ad stated that in one week,
the Forever Jewelry store would be robbed.
One might say he was supremely confident
that this time, things would work out.
On the day of the robbery,
hundreds of men stood outside the store,
all in regular clothes,
suits, the like.
All of them were reading newspapers,
with reading glasses on,
trying to avoid looking suspicious,
and failing miserably.
Suddenly, the alarm in the store went off.
Thirty men in trench coats ran
into a telephone booth at once.
There was mass confusion,
as people tried to avoid giving away
their secret identities.
Nobody could get out of the phone booth,
men and wo
Wishful ThinkingFaded memories
False reality
The dream within a dream
Is not as real as it seems
Bits and pieces from the past
Mixed with hopes that didn't last
Brutal deception
Unclear perception
Regretting the choices that you made
The changes you didn't want to stay
You had a troublesome life
But still you took it in stride
The dream within a dream
What you wish it could've been
Final ChancesAt the end we see her,
She's been so invisible before now.
We have little time to change how she feels towards us. 
This is our final chance.
At the end he sees her,
She doesn't want to talk to us,
                                          but would she talk to him?
This is our final chance.
At the end I see her,
I'm sorry I stood by and watched as their words destroyed you.
Will you come with me?
This is our final chance.
At the end it's nothing,
She forgave us long ago.
After all all those words is what made her strong. 
Victory has been discovered,
Final chances cashed in.
Worth it? (Writing Prompt)Making our last stand,
Success in high demand;
Play every card at hand --
-- Any means a strategy,
Anything for victory,
Though empty it may be,
Fleeting, like wind-blown sand.
All over againI could walk out that door right now
Give up and take my bow
Let the curtains close
I should just let her have you
I’d just let her win
And then I could start on my own
All over again
Victory by luvleo LOSTVictory and Shame
Its all the same game
Thinking around your running
Behaving while acting
Trickery is your blame
Shadows of the night
Night in the shadows
Running your thinking
Acting and behaving
Lost in your strategy
Now is your final chance
Shadows of the day
Day in the shadows
No more behavioral thinking
The end of your run of acting
Victory and Shame
In the trickery you blame

Original by J.M.L.
 2014 January 
29th Wednesday


Mature Content

when winning the war isn't that greatHe stood amongst ruins and death, on an unfertile land. In his mind he could hear the echoes of gunshots, screams, pleads for help, he could see grim faces, bodies that lay on the ground, blood pouring from holes through their chests, arms, legs—all parts of them. He walked on grass that withered, dark and ashy. The sky above was gray, as if it sensed his emotions.  
He stopped in front of a tree. Once, so long ago, it was a tiny plant, barely sprouting from the ground. Now, it towered over him, all bent and craggy, its trunk dark and rough. A survivor and, like him, now old with a hunching back.
He knelt beside the tree and brushed the dirt where his friend had died, where he had laid on the ground with blood pouring around him, and Frank could do nothing but watch. He remembered how silent James had been as he took shaky breaths.
There he was, James, standing in front of him looking like he did fifty years ago. James smiled and reached out his arm towards the old man kneel
:thumb430306756: UnvictoriousThe blackness of his pupils pooled outward like ripples over water, waves of darkness lapping over the dulling palette of greens in his irises, and the seconds dragged by like millenniums, as he stared at the unchanging sky above him, felt the dampness of the grass bent beneath his wait. He had no succeeded, he had not been victorious, but then, his foe had not been who he had expected, and a stab in the back is harder to defend against. She had tricked him. But that didn't matter now, because his mind was going over all the times her soft, plush lips, always sparkly with gloss, had shaped the words "I love you" against her perfect, straight teeth, the deep red of her tongue, and how he had longed to pull her mouth to his own each time. Another fractional bit of his irises vanished into the growing pool of black paint that was his pupils now, and he felt his fingers twitch, and unclench against the grass, soft green stalks stained red now. He could still feel the sticky wetness of his :thumb430071611:

This week's writing prompt, from February 3rd to February 13th, is:

Respond to the following theme:

With Every Beat of Your Heart
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