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Featuring those who submitted to the January 27th to February 3rd writing prompt from Live-Love-Write, here are the participants for this week, featured in style, along with information on the newest prompt. Please remember to fave this journal to help support your work and the prompt!

The piece that stood out to me most was:
Mayhap Just A RestI'm afraid, dear,
That for my true love
I'll keep you waiting.
For my whole heart and soul,
Darling of mine,
You'll be kept waiting.
For the time to pass
And the words to flow,
You'll have to wait.
The Spirits are telling me to hold on…
And I listen to them,
With my entire being I listen.
…maybe we rushed into this…
…perhaps I rushed into this…
It could be very possible.
I want you to be happy,
But maybe that happiness can't be found with me…
And if so, I am sorry.
I am so, so sorry…
So sorry that I kept you waiting
For this.
An end that'll hurt you
And kill me
And leave us both feeling empty.

The heartfelt sentiments here are very well conveyed.

For those of you who use the writing prompt, please remember to put the Live-Love-Write icon in your artist's comments if using the prompt, and please submit to the Writing Prompt gallery for your feature every week!

Please keep in mind that if you do not see your submission here, you have not read the submission rules and/or you have not included some variation of Live-Love-Write in your Artist's Comments. The Writing Prompt submission guidelines are easy and simple, very clear and quite painless to follow! :nod:

Last Week's Writing Prompt

“You'll Be Waiting”

:thumb282092119: You'll Be Waiting
She was on her way home
From the grocery store.
She had picked up a gallon of milk,
1 pound of deli turkey,
A box of soda,
At least 6 bottles of seltzer.
She was on her way home,
She forgot to bring the shirts
To the dry cleaner's.
Work was long today,
But not much else.
I know this is what happened.
When the concert ended,
The other cars were parked up front,
So their baby wouldn't hurt his toes
From walking twenty extra feet.
I could have told her this morning,
"You'll be waiting in the back."
She would rather avoid the traffic.
I called her on the phone today.
I was uncomfortable talking to her,
Not that I said that,
But she figured it out quickly.
I am grown, I think.
Leaving the nest has taken some time.
It isn't reasonable to call
Every night, I think.
No bus can drive farther than phone lines.
And memories don't fade with distance.
We cut all ties at turning points, I think.
I only wish I knew myself better.
PromiseForever delayed,
With no means
To be near you,
Just a breadline
To live upon;
Oh, sweetness,
I've asked this a lot lately,
I know…
But sweetness,
Would you wait for me?
Don't go…
Not much longer waylaid,
For I hope to find the means
To be near you,
Edging 'cross the breadline slender,
As you creep toward me
Through the night;
Oh, sweetness,
If you just hold true,
To this…
Then sweetness,
I will wait for you,
I promise…
Mayhap Just A RestI'm afraid, dear,
That for my true love
I'll keep you waiting.
For my whole heart and soul,
Darling of mine,
You'll be kept waiting.
For the time to pass
And the words to flow,
You'll have to wait.
The Spirits are telling me to hold on…
And I listen to them,
With my entire being I listen.
…maybe we rushed into this…
…perhaps I rushed into this…
It could be very possible.
I want you to be happy,
But maybe that happiness can't be found with me…
And if so, I am sorry.
I am so, so sorry…
So sorry that I kept you waiting
For this.
An end that'll hurt you
And kill me
And leave us both feeling empty.
You'll Be WaitingYou told me you would wait.
You told me that you would always love me.
I just couldn't take the lie, the bait.
But over time I the truth of your words I would see.
I laughed because I thought it was a lie.
Now I wish I had known that it was true.
I had questioned numerous times why.
I have come to realize I never saw you as you.
You were in love and super sweet.
You were cute and funny too.
You could always make me turn red as a beet.
But somehow I never saw the love in you.
I married and you wished the best.
You stood by me even though it caused you pain.
To get me to love you although was still a quest.
Your love was never slain.
I never did fall.
I was in love and it was plain to see.
I theoretically splattered the blood of your love across the wall.
You traded your love for misery.
I know because a few days ago someone called.
They told me something interesting.
You had died from disease and I started to bawl.
But you had left a message, "I ll be waiting."
Even at your grave I smil
A Warrior's tears戦人の涙
WaitingIf I disappeared from this earth
Would anyone wait for me?
If I let them down again and again
Would they still be there?
If I returned to their sides
Would they still believe in me?
If I told them I'm sorry
Would they forgive me?
If I came back and found no one
Would I break down and cry?
If I found a barren empty plain
Would I simply accept with no surprise?
If I waited for the ones I care for
Would I be overjoyed when they returned?
If they finally showed over the horizon
Would I welcome them with open arms?
If they returned by my side
Would I turn them away?
If they begged for forgiveness
Would I leave them to rot?
If they came back and found me
Would they be thankful to me?
If I waited for them for years
Would it mean I trusted them?
If decades passed
Would we still remember each other?
If we lost contact long ago
Would we still wait for one another?
The Silverlining
We will see ourselves in Broadway.
We can be light when we melt.
And we know what Heavens for.
It's just the way to go, since we are made for it.
There is nothing down here at all.
Nothing but time, regrets and lies.
Father, if I was any other, you could have been mine.
You could have been mine.
Forlorn is not a phase, it's a watch.
Is whole life in there ticking?
Someday you'll learn to fly.
And you will grasp what you lost.
Will you grasp us?
You will see ourselves in the night.
Where light thrives, and we'll wait there.
And you know what Heavens for.
It's a Child's Memory.
There is nothing here at all.
Nothing but a Will, and a year or two, that's all.
So leave the light on tonight, so you won't leave alone.
You won't leave alone.
Time is not a phase, it's Life.
Was it good to you?
Someday you'll learn to sing again.
And you will realize we're listening.
Do you realize?
© 2012 Drake Rourke
Missing YouWhat memories will I chase away tonight?
A jumbled mess they have become
Tied in tight knots worthy of a challenge
By the lax induced, bored still nanobots.
I would decide on one if there were no
Consequence for the making
If they hadn't all become once streams of colors
Now reflecting back white
Like the walls surrounding me
My memories encircle the central mass of brain
That could take up most of the weight in my head
All in planetary-like orbits
Varying in their trajectory and path
Enough disturbance to knock each other off course
Once in a while, broken pieces on the alien soil
Which could be the melding of one memory after another
The one of my 23rd birthday party could easily lost
As my recollection of that day is already gone
Filling the void being that one girl's house
What was her name again?
Never mind.....
The outside looked fine enough
I forgot what the inside looked like
What she looked like I can barely remember
Yet to me, that blurry image that might as well
Could be cov
I Hope You'll Be WaitingA little longer, I promise
I'll be there right beside you
I hope you'll be waiting
There we'll smile and speak
No worries in the world
Just the two of us
I hope you'll be waiting
I'm not finished
There are things I have to do
Then I'm done
I hope you'll be waiting
I know you are lonely
And it may seems
As if I'm taking too long
I hope you'll be waiting
But soon enough you'll see
That I will be there beside you
And we will be complete
I hope you'll be waiting
the answerI am failing again and again,
not upwards, but along the dark,
the tracks the trains skim over,
bullets of light and a high, sweet whistle.
I am coming home to you,
don't ever forget that,
the door will always open when you run,
full-tilt towards hope.

Will You Be WaitingWill You Be Waiting
The parchment cracked and the wax fell away. Her hands held it to the light of the sun. The blue eyes squinted so she could read.
"Dear Susan
From across the sea, we were meant to be. I cannot wait to meet you once more. Since the day I left, you have stayed by my side, always on my mind. My travels have taken me to and fro with much bravado. I have seen the world and it was wondrous, but it is only now that I realize what I truly long for. It was neither the depths of the canyons nor the peaks of the tallest mountains. The enchanting forests of life and colors or the plains of the warm grass and sunshine. The grand halls of royalty and the lowly squalor of city streets below. No, it was none of these things. For I have had my fill of this world.
I miss the warm dawn from our little home. The cozy cottage nestled by the brook, but above these I long for you. I find myself yearning for your embrace. I will be home soon my wandering days are over. We will catch up on
Always WaitingMy eyes search frantically for a way out. I can hear footsteps from behind, echoing loudly in the empty halls. There has to be a door, there has to be windows and yet the walls are blank and smooth.
I know he's here. I know he's just behind. I know he is waiting for me to finally give up and return to him.
Every step I take, I run further away. I want to scream as my eyes betray a look back at him. I gasp, tripping forward as I turn away again, my cool breath wisping before me.
No. I can't see that face, always smiling, ever again. I close my eyes to shut the images out.
I remember when I first left his arms. I left with determination. I had been strong. Tears sting as I try to fight them back. I thought that I could do anything. He wouldn't rule my life any longer. I changed cities, I changed myself, but he was always there at my roots waiting for me to fall.
He would be there in my darkest hour. He promised me. I remember his cold hands grabbing roughly at my face, swearing
You'll be waiting"Where are you going Daddy?"
"When are you coming back?"
"I'm not"
You left with a fresh start in your red leather suitcase and I was left living with accelerated years. I was left living a life where I am nothing but a painted-on smile, feigning a prism of extended  warmth for those that I meet. I live with constant radio static snapping through my synapses and glacial pangs biting through my marrow.
There are days when I don't even notice I am bleeding, from within, from without, neither make a difference when pain is just pain and I've spent a life-time cultivating an immune response for it.
So many years have passed and it is only as I'm headed in your direction that I can stop the ache in my transient feet. Every muscle fibre in my body has been straining to take me to you, but laws weaved into my own fingerprints made me forget, until my strengths were making me irrevocably weak.
You left with me so much anger. Anger that I had tamed under loc
:thumb282266221: You'll be waiting by TysonLaFollette You'll be waitingThe ocean stretched out like an angry monster, I had no clue what I was doing but I was sure of one thing. That one day I'd return for him.
Jason Anderson, hmmm, his name was enough to set a fire in my heart. The mere thought of him was like glorious magic in my hands. Jason was handsome, God, any woman would kill for such a man like him. His dirty blonde hair curled just at the nip of his neck; his set of steel blue eyes were deeper than the ocean, harder than the mountain stones.
Jason, my sweet, sweet Jason. I grieved at the thought of that man, for he was everything I was leaving behind. Everything I chose to walk away from for a decade of time.
You wouldn't expect anyone to wait such a long time, to promise such a period of life to someone who may never return. But he, my dear Jason, was such a man. He vowed he'd look upon no other, share life with no other woman than me. He promised he'd wait a lifetime for me. A lifetime, what madness isn't it? Easy for someone trapped on an isl
AssumptionsYou'll be waiting. It's an assumption you make, that I'll always be here, waiting. That I won't work my butt off not to want you anymore. It's a sentence you never say, but I know it's in your head. I know you think I'll just stay here, sad and alone, and wait for you to come back and be ready.
You'll be waiting. Will I? Will I be waiting? Just in case I see you again? Will I hear from you? The likely answer is no, I won't hear from you. I'll be expected to sit, waiting for you to come 'home' and allow me to be with you.
You'll be waiting. The unspoken statement makes me shiver, and I wonder suddenly if I will be waiting...if I'll ever get over this...thing that I've developed over the past few years.
You'll be waiting. So. Maybe I will be waiting, sitting and wasting away in your absence, or maybe I won't be. Maybe I'll be happy for once. But then...probably not. And, truthfully, I'll probably always be waiting for something, someone. So...yes

This week's (February 3rd to February 10th) writing prompt is:

“Surviving the Storm”

Getting through the storm, whatever kind of storm it may be, can often be the hardest part.

You can feel free to write about a fictional scenario as long as the submission is original.

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